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EUROmilling manufactures Bio mills and complete milling plants for breaking down fibrous materials, such as wood pellets, wood chips, straw, pulp, paper, as well as residual products from agriculture and industry. 


Handeling Biomass
with a high-water

Within the power plant industry, many energy companies are looking to replace part of the oil and coal fuel with biofuel, including wood pellets and wood chips, as well as wet wood chips. 

One notable aspect of EUROmilling's expertise lies in handling biomass with high water content. The company offers special equipment tailored for the fine breakdown of such biomass, addressing the unique challenges posed by materials with elevated moisture levels. 



In response to the evolving energy landscape, EUROmilling recognizes the increasing interest within the power plant industry to incorporate biofuels as a sustainable alternative to traditional oil and coal fuels. Wood pellets and wood chips, including wet wood chips, are emerging as viable biofuel options. To facilitate this transition, EUROmilling has developed the Bio-mill, a specialized solution for breaking down wood pellets and chips into finely powdered form. This is then used as fuel in boilers at power plants. 

Experience from installation at a power plant: 

  • Grinding wood pellets into wood powder for blowing into the boiler. 
  • Bio Mill EUB-8000 UNIT incl. engine 132kW. Sold in mill Ø3.5mm. 
  • Capacity: 6.8tons/hour with 60kW consumption. 
  • Energy consumption 9.2kW/ton. 

Straw to biogas, for a better future.


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Bio-mill in Action
EUB 8000 Unit

A practical example of EUROmilling's Bio-mill in action can be found in its installation at a power plant. In this case, the Bio-mill, specifically the Biomill EUB-8000 Unit with a robust engine of 132kW, played a pivotal role. The mill, with a diameter of 3.5mm, demonstrated remarkable efficiency, grinding wood pellets into wood powder ready for combustion in the boiler. 

Key specifications of the Biomill EUB-8000 Unit include a substantial capacity of 6.8 tons per hour with a modest consumption of 60kW. The energy consumption, a critical factor in sustainable operations, is impressively low at 9.2kW per ton. 


ATEX certification


At Euromilling, we prioritize safety and regulatory compliance through our advanced ATEX solutions. Our comprehensive approach includes certified ATEX solutions, thorough risk analysis, and detailed documentation, providing a robust foundation for your operations.

Meeting Regulatory Standards

Euromilling’s ATEX solutions are meticulously designed to meet all regulatory standards, ensuring that your operations comply with the strictest authority requirements. Our teams of engineers and project managers work closely with industry professionals to deliver unparalleled safety and compliance.

Key Components of Our ATEX Solutions:

  1. Risk Assessment: We conduct in-depth evaluations of potential risks associated with your project, developing straightforward strategies to ensure your operations are safe and successful. Our proactive approach to risk management sets the foundation for a secure working environment.

  2. ATEX Compliance: We guarantee that your facility adheres to the ATEX directive, ensuring the safe handling of potentially explosive atmospheres. Our solutions are designed to minimize the risk of explosions and ensure the highest levels of safety.

  3. CE Certificate Acquisition: Our experts assist you in obtaining the CE certificate, validating that your operations comply with essential health and safety requirements. This certification reflects our commitment to delivering solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

  4. Fire Extinguishing Systems: For added safety, we implement state-of-the-art fire extinguishing systems tailored to your specific needs. These systems provide an additional layer of protection for your operations.

Additionally, Euromilling offers consultancy services for both existing and new projects, providing expert assistance with ATEX solutions to ensure full compliance and optimized safety.

Euromilling's ATEX solutions are trusted by the biomass and food industry for their reliability and effectiveness. Partner with us to ensure your operations are safe, compliant, and prepared for any challenge.

EUROmilling Ikon Hammer Mill EUBL

The EUBL hammer mill is used for grinding products into smaller particles. EUBL hammer mills can be delivered with wind sieve, which is a simple solution to sieve stones and metals away.

EUROmilling Ikon Hammer Mill EUBL Unit

The EUBL hammer mill Unit is a simple and effective complete grinding solution.The EUBL hammer mill Unit integrates all functions in a grinding process into one solution, constructed and dimensioned to work together in a grinding solution.

EUROmilling Ikon Hammer Mill EUB Unit

Our EUB and EUBL hammer mills are designed with a heavy rotor that ensures consistent and low energy consumption without frequent peaks. The EUB and EUBL hammer mills feature tip speeds specifically tailored for biomass grinding.

EUROmilling Ikon Hammer Mill EUB

Our EUB and EUBL hammer mills are designed with a heavy rotor that ensures consistent and low energy consumption without frequent peaks. The EUB and EUBL hammer mills feature tip speeds specifically tailored for biomass grinding.

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