Big Bag Emptying

Complete Big bag emptying station for emptying materials, the Big bag is placed in the emptying station using a forklift. The cover under the bag has been opened. The big bag is tied up or cut open. Access door is closed. The materials in the bag are automatically emptied and transferred for further processing using (conveyor belt, rotary valve, etc.) connected to the station.

Galvanized steel BBES with impact-resistant cover for emptying product.

Big-bag station can be designed to handle different big-bag sizes.
  • Lifting yoke for placement of big-bag
  • Food approved equipment
You can easily and unhindered place the big bag in the emptying station using a forklift or other lifting device. The emptying station itself is safe and "dust-free" as emptying takes place in a closed enclosure.

Additional Equipment

• The filter plants can be delivered with a control box, venturi pipes, magnet valves and air pressure tank.


• Control box
• Venturi pipes
• Magnet valves
• Air pressure tank

Technical Data
BigBag Emptying Station