HTG Series

Euromilling’s Line of Granulators

Euromilling offers a line of granulators constructed from high-quality AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. These granulators are specifically designed for integration into piping systems, providing seamless incorporation into existing workflows.

The primary function of a granulator is to break down materials into smaller, uniform granules or pellets. This process enhances the material's handling, storage, and transportation properties. Granulators achieve size reduction through a series of cutting or crushing mechanisms, creating granules that are consistent in size and shape. This uniformity is critical for subsequent manufacturing processes, ensuring efficient mixing, improved flowability, and optimal compressibility.

Euromilling’s granulators are ideal for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, plastics, chemicals, and recycling. By converting powders and bulk materials into granules, these machines help reduce dust generation, improving workplace safety and product quality. Additionally, granulation enhances the physical properties of materials, making them easier to process and more efficient to use.

The integration of Euromilling’s granulators into piping systems allows for continuous processing, reducing manual handling and increasing productivity. 

The HTG 800-1250

The HTG 800-1250 granulator is equipped with a hydraulic drawer for quick change of rotor. The granulator is used for granulation tasks in industry, it is particularly suitable for installation in pipe systems with air transport. The process consists in the raw material being led to the granulator's inlet at the top of the granulator housing, the product is then broken into pieces using the rotation of the granulator wings and friction against the grinding bridge and screen. The material is then directed to the lower part of the granulator.

Manufactured in AISI304 or AISI316.

ATEX Certification

ATEX certification is given to equipment that has gone through rigorous testing outlined by European Union directives. Products that are ATEX compliant have been proved safe to use in specific environments with explosive atmospheres, according to the zone/s they are certified to be used in.

The European Union has mandated that ATEX compliance is necessary wherever a potentially explosive atmosphere exists in order to keep workers safe. These atmospheres are characterized by possessing three things.

  • air
  • an ignition source
  • one of the following three substances:
    • flammable gases
    • mists or vapor
    • combustible dust

Products that have received ATEX certification will have the official “Ex” badge, indicating they are safe in explosive atmospheres.

Total Solutions
for the Food

In conjunction with their hammer mills, EUROmilling's granulators provide tailored solutions for size reduction in the food industry. Engineered for efficiency, these granulators excel in breaking down larger particles into the desired size range without compromising the integrity of the product. The versatility of EUROmilling's granulators allows for customization, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of food processing applications. 

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HTG Series