Precision and Efficiency with Euromilling's
Lab Mill A-304

The Euromilling Hammer Mill A-304D is the ideal solution for smaller grinding tasks across various industries, including laboratories, the food industry, and more. This versatile hammer mill is specifically designed to handle products that need to be ground into smaller particles efficiently. Whether you're working in a research lab, a food processing plant, or a small-scale industrial setting, the Hammer Mill A-304D delivers precise and reliable performance.

The operation of the Hammer Mill A-304D is straightforward yet highly effective. Products are fed into the mill either manually or via automated systems such as conveyor belts or augers. The feed process can be controlled using a frequency converter, allowing for precise regulation of the mill's capacity. Once the product enters the mill, it encounters a rapidly rotating rotor equipped with hammers. These hammers split the product into finer particles, achieving the desired grinding fineness based on the screen's hole size.

Manufactured in high-quality stainless steel AISI304, the Hammer Mill A-304D is built to withstand rigorous use while ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance. For enhanced functionality, the unit can be optionally integrated with a filter and a pneumatic suction pipe connected to a ventilator, along with a collection container. This optional feature ensures a clean and efficient grinding process, making the Hammer Mill A-304D even more versatile and adaptable to various operational requirements.

Choose the Euromilling Hammer Mill A-304D for your smaller grinding needs and experience a combination of precision, efficiency, and robust construction. This reliable and adaptable grinding solution will help streamline your processes, whether you're conducting laboratory research, developing food products, or managing small-scale industrial operations.