Versatile Rotary
Valves for Diverse Industrial

Euromilling offers a comprehensive range of rotary valves designed to meet the varied needs of different industries. Our rotary valves are engineered for the efficient feeding and unloading of granular and powdered products, making them suitable for use in pneumatic conveying lines, under cyclones, or at filter exhausts. Crafted from robust materials such as cast iron, nickel/chromium plated cast iron, and stainless steel AISI316, our valves ensure durability and reliability even in demanding environments.

Our rotary valves are versatile, with several rotor types and configurations to handle any product or special customer requirement. They are available with bare shafts or motorization options, including gearmotors and variable speed gearmotors, complete with chain guards to comply with CE regulations. This flexibility allows our rotary valves to integrate seamlessly into existing systems and meet specific operational needs.

One of the standout features of our rotary valves is the quick disassembly design, ideal for industries requiring frequent cleaning of the rotor and internal components. This feature significantly reduces downtime and optimizes operational efficiency, allowing for swift maintenance and ensuring that production processes remain uninterrupted.

Rotary Valves

Our valves are capable of handling high temperatures up to 220°C, with special versions available for even higher temperatures on request. Equipped with external steel supports and packing glands, our rotary valves maintain excellent airlock and product flow, ensuring smooth and efficient pneumatic conveying.

For industries with stringent safety requirements, we offer rotary valves designed for explosive atmospheres. These valves comply with rigorous European norms for explosion isolation systems and are certified for resistance to high pressures. They are available in various materials, including cast iron, stainless steel, and with options for nickel or chromium plating.

Choose Euromilling's rotary valves for a reliable, adaptable, and efficient solution to your material handling needs. Our commitment to quality and versatility ensures that our rotary valves can meet the demands of any industrial application, providing peace of mind and optimal performance.