Grinding, mixing, transport.

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Since 1994, EUROmilling a/s has supplied machines and machinery to the oil industry, as well as woodworking, fishing and the chemical industry. As a result of our experience and long-term presence on the market, EUROmilling a/s is the leading company in the development of innovative technologies within our area of competence, which is milling, mixing, grinding, transport.

During all this time, EUROmilling has gained a lot of experience in grinding, mixing, grinding and transporting many different materials.

Machinery solutions

The requirement for competitiveness is being tightened day by day, which, among other things, entails an increased focus on development, optimization and rationalization in the production stage. EUROmilling develops process plants as well as customer-specific special machine plants. We offer professional counseling and new resource-saving inventions for production.

Consulting and project management

Development of process plans takes place in close cooperation with the customer. EUROmilling offers advice in connection with the development of all facilities, as well as carrying out the necessary planning. To ensure that the solutions meet the requirements, EUROmilling has developed a project management system which, among other things, ensures that all machine specifications are described before the construction phase begins. The system also ensures that there is traceability for all significant decisions throughout the project, and that the customer is continuously informed about the project progress.

Technical product development and construction

EUROmilling has a professional staff of skilled product developers, engineers and constructors who work with the most modern drawing programs on the market, which means that today we exclusively develop and construct in 3D programs. This gives us, among other things, possibility to be able to present our constructions on an e-drawing, which gives our customers a full overview of machine construction.


Our workshop can solve a wide range of tasks, and is primarily geared towards solving development tasks. Therefore, EUROmilling makes use of its own employees to a large extent who participate in the production of the developed machinery. To ensure the quality of the machine projects, all assembly and assembly of components takes place in our assembly department, where our skilled employees check that all parts in the plant are fully functional.


Thorough testing and testing is a prerequisite for a machine plant to be successful. Therefore, all major machinery is set up and thoroughly tested at our factory in Tølløse. Here there is an opportunity to test all the machine's functional elements, as well as to have the equipment optimized before it is set up and run in at our customers. EUROmilling also works with a fixed procedure for machine testing. After the run-in at our factory is completed, a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) is completed. With this test, all functional elements of the machine are approved. When the machine system has been set up and run in at the customer's site, it is concluded with a SAT (Site Acceptance Test), where it is documented that all the machine's functional elements correspond to the given machine specifications.

Service and maintenance.

EUROmilling offers service contracts for plants and machines that contain fixed service intervals, which ensures optimal operation of the machine and prevents machine breakdowns.

Production optimization.

Against the background of our employees' great competences, EUROmilling also offers consulting assistance in connection with production optimization of existing automation systems. Tasks that can be mentioned in this connection are i.a. eliminating bottlenecks, reducing rejection rates, ergonomic solutions and increasing capacities.