Hammer mills for grinding of biomass.

EUROmilling manufactures hammer mills for biomass and complete process plants for grinding of fibrous materials such as: wood pellets, wood chips, straw, pulp, paper as well as residues from agriculture and other industries.

We supply special equipment for fine grinding of biomass with a high moisture content.

In the power plant industry, many energy services seek to replace parts of the oil and coal fuel with biomass, including wood pellets and chips as well as wet wood chips.

Our hammer mills have been developed for grinding of wood pellets and chips into wood powder, which is then used as fuel in boilers at power plants.

Outcomes from installment of a hammer mill at the power plant

Grinding of wood pellets into a wood powder for blowing it into the boiler.

Hammer mill EUB-8000 UNIT includes a motor 132kW. Screen in the mill of diameter Ø3,5mm.

Capacity: 6.8 tons/h with 60kW consumption.

Energy consumption: 9.2kW/ton