8 t/h Straw Briquettes for Biogas Plant - A Comprehensive Turnkey Solution by Euromilling and Linka Energy.

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In close collaboration with our partner Linka Energy, we have developed a unique briquette turnkey solution, which enables you to use briquette straw in biogas plants. In the pursuit of sustainable and renewable energy sources, biogas has emerged as a frontrunner, offering a clean and efficient alternative. Euromilling and Linka Energy, two industry leaders, have joined forces to provide a turnkey solution for biogas plants, offering a comprehensive approach to effectively convert straw bales into high-quality straw powder. This alliance brings together cutting-edge technology and expertise, ensuring a seamless transition from raw straw to a valuable energy resource. 

This innovative solution accelerates biogas production by strategically grinding biomass for optimal fermentation. Maximizing the conversion process involves creating optimal conditions for microorganisms to thrive, resulting in a more efficient and sustainable energy generation. 

In this newly installed turnkey solution, our client is able to process 8 tons straw bales an hour producing briquettes for biogas of the absolute highest quality.


Comprehensive Turnkey Solution by Euromilling and Linka Energy 

Euromilling and Linka Energy's collaboration brings a comprehensive turnkey solution to the biogas industry, revolutionizing the process of converting straw bales into high-quality straw powder. With a focus on advanced machinery, uptime, and low maintenance costs, this alliance sets a new standard for efficiency and sustainability in biogas plant operations. As the world continues its transition towards renewable energy, Euromilling and Linka Energy stand at the forefront, providing innovative solutions for a greener future. 

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