Rotation sieve

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Euromilling centrifugal sifter with a vacuum system is typically used for the classification and de-dusting of fine powders. The primary function of this equipment is to separate and remove impurities, oversize particles, and foreign materials from the powdered material stream.

Here's how the centrifugal sifter with vacuum works and its main functions:

  1. Sieving and Separation: The fine powder is fed into the sifter, where it is subjected to centrifugal force generated by a rotating impeller. The centrifugal force pushes the powder against the sieve screen, causing it to pass through the screen mesh while retaining larger particles and impurities. This process effectively separates different particle sizes and classifies the powder.
  2. De-Dusting: The vacuum system integrated into the centrifugal sifter helps to remove fine particles and dust from the powder stream. The vacuum creates negative pressure inside the sifter, drawing air and entrained particles through the sieve screen. This action reduces dust contamination and ensures a cleaner final product.
  3. Continuous Operation: The centrifugal sifter with vacuum is designed for continuous operation, allowing a constant flow of powder through the equipment. This feature is particularly useful in industrial applications where a consistent and uninterrupted production process is required.
  4. Easy Maintenance: These sifters are often designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. They may have quick-release clamps or access doors, facilitating sieve screen changes, cleaning of internal components, and inspection of the equipment.
  5. Particle Size Control: The sieve screens used in the centrifugal sifter have different mesh sizes, enabling control over the particle size distribution of the final product. By selecting the appropriate screen, the desired particle size range can be achieved, ensuring consistency and meeting specific requirements.
  6. Versatility: Centrifugal sifters with vacuum can handle a wide range of fine powders, including pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, chemicals, minerals, and more. They are suitable for various industries, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, chemical production, and materials handling.

Overall, the centrifugal sifter with vacuum is a versatile and efficient equipment for the separation, de-dusting, and classification of fine powders, ensuring high-quality products and maintaining a clean working environment.

Rotation sieves from Euromilling are custom made. We can deliver with air knives and brush for cleaning the mesh. Our rotation sieve is available with different types of screens. Also, the rotating impeller are available in many different versions.