Straw for biogas production

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The project objective has been to optimise straw for biogas production. Straw is a plentiful resource with a strong potential for biogas production. Nevertheless, large amounts of straw are never used due to technical difficulties and low production yields. By shredding and subsequently grinding straw, we would be able to increase the straw production value from the producers' point of view. Processed in this way, straw will produce more gas per ton raw material, and the gas production will occur at a faster rate when the ground straw is mixed with slurry — thus improving the capacity of the biogas plant. 
The aim has therefore been to develop new technical equipment for pre-grinding and handling straw for biogas production, an operation which is complicated by the water amount in the straw and by the relatively long straw fibres. The new equipment has been developed and implemented for further tests at project partner Lynggaard Biogasanlæg.



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